Sunday, July 16, 2017

I just published The Perfume All At Once: A Sever Short Story

I have written a bunch of short stories. Some I send to my email list. Some I throw in the trash. Today I published a Kindle version of one on Amazon. It's called "The Perfume All At Once" and it's free from July 17 to July 19.

This story began in the very best way. I wrote a sentence, which led naturally to another and another and so on until I was done. It sat in a folder on my computer for several months, but I have never wanted to rewrite it. It came out almost perfectly.

I published "The Perfume All At Once" partially because it features some of the bit characters from Sever, and I thought fans of that horror novella might want to explore its extended universe. But mostly I published it because I like it and want to share it. It's an unsettling, witchy high school tale. But, like Sever, it's very sad - a sort of eulogy for youth. Please check it out.

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