Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm not the Denver Egotist. But maybe you are.

Over the last two months, The Denver Egotist has become the most-read must-read in the city. Killer essay on the value of creativity. Great interview of Steve Whittier. Passionate conversation about the agency of the year. Nice guest post from James Pelz. A spot in the Denver 50. And a great hat-tip to Pitchfork, which reminded me just how much I love the Bats for Lashes video for "What's a Girl to Do."

Like Andy, I have a few problems with The Denver Egotist. The bloggers there blur the line between pseudonymous and anonymous. And their application of Fair Use is shaky.

But whatever its faults, The Denver Egotist has given Denver creatives a place to meet, to discuss, to get pissed, and to get psyched. Some mornings, it and AdWeek's breaking news are the only marketing feeds I check.

Now the Egotist needs help:

Top three essays as selected by The Denver Egotist will be posted on our site, and the top essay author will be selected by our readers and crowned The New Denver Egotist – joining our editorial staff and commencing duties immediately. All authors will be kept anonymous, as dictated by the way things work around here.

Send them an essay, if you're so inclined. Because anybody who reminded me to go watch the Bats for Lashes video again can't be all bad.


Anonymous said...
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300 Spartans Gym said...

I had to delete a comment on this post. Spreading rumors about the identity of the Denver Egotist is a no-no.