Monday, January 28, 2008

Youth rules in advertising

A few days ago, I had to sit in front of a group of Johnson & Wales students and say something about what it's like to be a creative. For an hour, it was process this and flexibility that. Make sure to choose the right director or you're completely screwed.


If I could have that hour back, I'd say this:

You haven't the slightest idea how powerful you are. The ad game worships youth. You bring energy and passion. You can afford to make less and work more. You're creating the very trends that agencies are scrambling to understand and exploit.

Armano quoted Campbell saying, "ad agencies are fundamentally broken and ripe for innovation." And you already have all the tools you need to make that innovation happen. Now go hang a shingle outside the nearest shack and use your advantages, instead of sitting in a room listening to me blah about how to cast radio.

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