Friday, February 15, 2008

No Gear + Me

I was working on print ads when I saw Andrew's challenge:

As a community let’s take on a challenge to create some beautiful, creative and engaging works, by using the worst gear we have. Leave the professional gear in the storage container, this challenge will be filmed using cell phone cameras, digital cameras that have never gotten a ‘best of the year’ award, Polaroids and vhs decks with lenses. Edit it in the most simplistic way you can think of, Movie Maker, iMovie, paint, etc.

Here is the challenge. It is short, so get to it and participate.

Theme: Repeat. Creative.

"Repeat. Creative." Using low-tech tools. Sounded good to me. Because what I was doing for my client was drawing hundreds of black boxes with a Sharpie in a sketchbook and then daring myself to fill them. Headlines. Visuals. Positioning statements. Observations. Whatever.

It doesn't get more repetitious or creative than that. Just keep the mind moving. Box after box after box.

I used my camera phone to shoot the first few of the 20-something pages I've filled so far. Then I made the photos into a PowerPoint presentation. And put it on my SlideShare page.

The whole exercise reminded me of what Luke Sullivan wrote in Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. A great idea is still a great idea, even when it's in the marker comp stage.

Apparently I'm still looking for mine.

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