Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scott Goodson and Gareth Kay to judge 2008 Denver 50

A few days after the 2007 Denver 50, I got a call from Kevin Roddy's assistant. She wanted to confirm that I was still on for drinks with Kevin that night.

In Manhattan.

The clicking sound she heard was me jumping to my laptop to see if it was possible to get an immediate flight from Denver to LaGuardia. It wasn't, and I reluctantly informed her that she'd gotten me confused with someone else.

Ninety-eight percent of the people in America don't understand why that story is funny. For the two percent that do, I have news.

Scott Goodson and Gareth Kay have given an early thumbs-up to the idea of judging the 2008 Denver 50.

Scott Goodson is the founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog. He's only judging The Denver 50 and D&AD this year. His blog is scott goodson's writings. He was profiled in USA Today. And here's a link to all of Agency Spy's articles about StrawberryFrog.

Gareth Kay is the head of planning at Modernista!. His blog is brand new. He's joined the Denver 50 Facebook group. And here's a link to all of Agency Spy's articles about Modernista!.

We're chasing two more judges whose names will make ad geeks get all wobbly.

The 2008 deadline will be in August, so we're still a good six months out. But it looks like the Denver 50 will again have a judging panel that'd make the One Club jealous.

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