Friday, February 1, 2008

Trends to watch for at the NDAC Super Bowl Party

What can we expect to see at the NDAC Super Bowl party, besides tipsy art directors and suicidal Giants fans?

Premature exposure - It used to be that the Super Bowl was a brand's big chance to make a statement to the business media. But this year, it seems that practically every spot has either been released or teased online. The creative may seem new to consumers, but NDAC members and reporters may arrive at the party with their minds already made up.

Storytelling - Traditionally, Super Bowl ads are all about spectacle. But things may start to change this year. I'm curious to see if any brands have the courage to use their spot as an accessible doorway into a larger story told across multiple online and offline media.

More of the same - Every year, brands feel obligated to try to out-big each other by overplaying rock music, overdoing special effects, and overpaying Justin Timberlake. That trend probably won't die this year. But it could be less prevalent.

Cause marketing - Ian Schafer predicts that big brands will use their time "to tell consumers how green, pink, yellow, or red they are." That may cause a backlash among educated consumers and jaded NDAC members.

I think that's the lint-licker actress hawking Bridgestone - That's not really a theme. But it's funny.

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