Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McDonald's shoot with Jay Cutler

I grew up in Colorado. Which means I grew up wanting to be the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. But I didn't grow up as big or as fast as maybe I'd have liked. So instead, I'm a copywriter at Karsh\Hagan. And the Broncos are led by Jay Cutler.

I spent most of today at Invesco Field at Mile High, shooting a TV spot with Cutler. He is cool and humble and surprisingly funny. The spot was directed by Jordan Brady. Who is cool and humble and extremely funny.

Over the past few months, there have been a lot of frustrations and late nights. But spending the occasional Tuesday like this, in the company of the most talented group of people you'd ever want to meet, reminds me that this is a good business we're in.

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Lindsey McCune said...

I love this blog post. Well, I loved this blog post until I wanted to shred my Cutler jersey and wear it to the preseason game against the Bears. Sad panda and it has been a bit.