Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Denver 50 2008 show FAQ

The 2008 Denver 50 party/show/event/book release is coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 2. And according to my email inbox, inquiring minds want answers.

Where do I get tickets?: At Regonline.com/d50bash2008. If you're not a member, the site will let you buy a membership, thereby allowing you to get tickets at the member price.

Is there a dresscode?: Nope. Some will be dressed as if headed for a gallery opening. Others will probably come in flannel.

Can we buy a table?: No. There are no tables for sale. There is no assigned seating. There will be couches, chairs and corners to fall down in. But no purchasable tables.

Will we be able to shoot each other with Nerf guns all night long?: That's the plan.

What's with the Twitter feed?: I don't know. What's with the Denver Broncos?

Will there be a big bus parked outside the event?: Signs point to yes. But who knows? It's advertising. Things change.

Food?: There will be a buffet of heavy-appetizer type things that can certainly pass for dinner. I forget exactly what's on it. Not taquitos, but that sort of thing.

Are you currently on the verge of a nervous meltdown?: Yes. But that's not, like, new for me. And it's not really related to the show. So many amazing people have stepped up to help this year. In 2007, the show was carried off by a small group of individuals. This year, it's truly a community show. Hopefully everyone will come out to celebrate the work.

Other questions? Hit me in the comments.


Anonymous said...

first link doesn't work.

300 Spartans Gym said...

Should be fixed now. Thanks.