Saturday, October 3, 2009

Be part of the really useful crew

I have created all sorts of funny and interesting stuff for the web. Some of it has been passed around a bit. And some of it has been discovered by exactly nobody, despite my sloppy but diligent efforts at ePR.

Not so long ago my aunt was complaining about Dequervain's Syndrome, which is sort of like tendinitis of the wrist. I had it a few years ago and after wearing a cast for two weeks, getting a shot, having acupuncture, and taking NSAIDs, I discovered a simple exercise that healed me in just a few days. I couldn't explain the exercise to my aunt over the phone, so I shot a video. The video was too big to email so I put it on YouTube and sent her the link.

Three months later, the thing has almost 800 views, several positive discussions and four five-star ratings.

In advertising, we often create content that is immensely strategic, wonderfully creative and flawlessly executed. But if you want to be successful on the social web, being helpful is just way more important.

[Ed. - The title of this post is borrowed from Thomas]

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