Sunday, February 21, 2010

I need a word that I am not sure exists

Art, action and experience inflict themselves upon you. You are moved, are amazed, are changed, are wowed. But what's the word for what you have done by purposefully seeking out situations that affect you? If, say, you fly to Guatemala to tour an ancient temple and you sit at that temple top watching the sun drop down over the rainforest, you can say you were awed by your surroundings. But there ought to be a way to state that you have actively put yourself in a situation that had the capability to awe you.

What's the word? The closest I can come is wanderlust. But that's a noun that relates closely to travel. And I want a verb that means "to deliberately seek out people, situations, actions and things that amaze and change you." What's the word? What's the word? What's the word?

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LLake said...

It's funny you ask this question because this is a conversation we have with fellow travelers very often. The closest we've gotten to a term that matches this idea is "living deliberately". Some friends of ours recently commented about this idea here: Not sure if this helps, but thought I'd send it along...