Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why advertising will be better soon

Everything in my iTunes library fits into one of three categories. Songs that seem like they were selected by an indie rock critic. (The National. The Walkmen. Cursive) Songs that prove I was raised in Reagan's America. (The Smiths. Afghan Whigs. Billy Bragg.) And auditions from various voiceover actors.

When I check into some of the libraries shared by the younger folks at Karsh\Hagan, it's a different story. A trendy pop song followed by a 90 minute trance podcast followed by a hip-hop collaboration followed by some strange other thing. Christina Aguilera segues into a worldbeat track I couldn't possibly recognize. Somehow it all fits.

I feel like this randomness, creativity and openness will lead to something wonderful. I hope I am smart enough to recognize it.

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hubs said...

You must be right in that tiny demographic that that is new to this randomness and doesn't remember KTCL when it was free-form radio (fort c local back then)