Saturday, September 4, 2010

To the shores of Tripoli

My Aug. 24 post "Patton Must Have Worked in Advertising" was picked up by The Denver Egotist, where it sparked a good amount of conversation. From there, it went on to The Orlando Egotist, The Des Moines Egotist, The San Francisco Egotist and The St. Louis Egotist. Then it was published in Design Taxi, along with some photography from Christopher Clor.

UPDATE: I was just informed that someone named Jeff nominated "Patton Must Have Worked in Advertising" for post of the month at Only Dead Fish. If you're so inclined, please go vote for it now.

UPDATE: "Patton Must Have Worked in Advertising" wins. What do you know?

[Ed. note - Title reference, just in case.]

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