Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If I could work with anyone, it'd be Dave Grohl

Because when most people want you to do something, they ask politely. When Dave Grohl wants you to do something, "he's so happy and enthusiastic that you can't say no. You'd follow him into a volcano because he would make it look so fucking exciting! He has this weird Pied Piper thing. It's like the crazy juice, everyone just goes along for the ride."

Because when most people buy something they don't really need, they worry that they spent too much. When Dave Grohl buys something he doesn't really need, he uses it as an opportunity to publish an album with Paul McCartney and then film a documentary that's basically a big advertisement for the album he published to justify him buying that thing he didn't really need.

Because when most people write a big chorus, they call it a day. When Dave Grohl writes a big chorus, he puts it in the spot for the prechorus, which forces him to write an "even bigger fucking chorus... Basically, you just try to keep lifting and lifting. That's how it's done."

Who needs Droga or Wieden or Bogusky or whoever? I want to work with Dave Grohl.

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jbarrientos said...

and that documentary was awesome. The history behind the sound board and the jam session. And yes that dude would be awesome to work with.