Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That time when I heard that song

  1. That time when my mom danced around the house to Silly Love Songs and I thought it was embarrassing because I was only about eight and eight-year-olds don't know anything about life. But now I do and I'm sorry.
  2. That time when Jason gave me a tape with The Reflex on it and it was the first time I can ever remember thinking, "This band, this is who I am right now."
  3. That time when Ben pushed the play button said, "This is music that means something," and the song that came out of the speakers was A Rush and A Push and the Land Is Ours.
  4. That time when for our camp talent show we performed Kiss Off and my bandana fell off my head.
  5. That time when the cops broke up our party and we ran out the back door over a golf course and wandered back to our homes through dark suburban streets singing Vincent of Jersey.
  6. That time me and the first girl I ever loved listened to the whole album Ten four times in a row because we were too busy to change the tape.
  7. That time when Team 1209 put on Social Distortion: Live at The Roxy and started playing drinking games and the next thing I knew four years of college had gone by.
  8. That time when the only tape in my car was Rage Against the Machine and I listened to Know Your Enemy at least three or four times a day and I knew my enemies were the teachers who had taught me to fight me.
  9. That time when we danced our first dance to I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday. And I know nobody else there had ever heard it before and certainly not at a wedding.
  10. That time when I drove to the graves and opened my car windows so the people buried there could hear So Far Away.
[Ed. - I wrote this post in honor of Record Store Day. Which is April 20th. Support your local music dealer or Jack White will get you.]

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