Sunday, November 24, 2013

New novella dropping within a month

When I was writing The Single Staircase, I'd send rough drafts to a cop I know. He'd tell me whether the dialogue and investigation felt authentic. He'd also explain the interworkings of the police department. His insights were the inspiration for WDYG, a new novella starring Owl and Raccoon. I got a printer's proof yesterday, and hope to have it published on Amazon within a couple weeks. The cover art was designed and donated by Jen.

Like the first mystery, this novella is a combination of modern police procedurals and classical locked room mysteries. What's new is the focus on Owl and Raccoon's contentious relationship with Homicide and SWAT.

I have another piece of news, which is almost surreal considering how busy I've been at work. I've finished a first draft of my first full-length novel. It's something I have been working on, in fragments, for almost 13 years. It's sort of an epic story of crime and consequences, stretched out over a decade and played out in places like Manhattan, Las Vegas and the high plains of Wyoming. I have no idea when I might get it published. Don't hold your breath. But it's coming.

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