Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's all free time

"When will you be free?"

"Can you grab me when you're free?"

"What do you do with your free time?"

These questions drive me nuts. Not because I never have free time. Quite the opposite.

Every second I have is free time.

I'm not overworked, overstressed or overcommitted. I choose to work. Partially because I enjoy it. Mostly because it's how I feed my family.

Yes, there are people who actually have moments that aren't free. They live in a dictatorship somewhere. Or they have a health condition. Or they're living paycheck to paycheck. Right now, I'm not talking about them.

I am talking about average Americans who choose to think in terms of "work time" and "free time." Those people are boxing themselves into a miserable corner of their own making, relinquishing their  lives to the dictates of cruel bosses and nagging clients. And the only thing they need to do to escape this self-imposed prison is repeat to themselves, "It's all free time."

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