Monday, April 21, 2014

Back cover copy from Sin Walks Into The Desert

I have two books coming out on Amazon next month, Regret Things and Sin Walks Into The Desert. Together they tell the stories of Nicki Kenfax and her baby brother, Sin. Here's the copy off the back of Sin Walks Into The Desert:

"Whatever you think is going on, there's always some damn dead person pulling the strings."

Sin gets a late-night call from la Calavera. She's an ex-federal agent living on half a lung in a retirement home near the border. And she says el Viejo is missing.

This is el Viejo she's talking about. Diabetes and arthritis may have the old man in a rocking chair now, but in his day he was the baddest of snipers and the bravest of private eyes. He also saved Sin's life, back when the boy was a 12-year-old punk hellbent on shooting up the school bus with his daddy's .357.

So Sin sets off to find his mentor, only to discover a nest of killers with ancient vendettas waiting for him in the desert with the kingsnakes and coyotes. 

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