Saturday, July 12, 2014

Goodreads reviews of The Single Staircase

I did a little four-book Goodreads giveaway of The Single Staircase last month. I had the copies in a box and they weren't doing anyone any good there. I wasn't expecting much. Certainly not this.

Three of the four winners have already posted reviews. One wrote, "[T]he writing style made me feel like I was reading a classic police/crime comic book with quick bursts of dialogue and intense inner monologues... I loved the interactions between the two detectives, Owl and Raccoon, and I could relate them to detectives that I have worked with over the years." Another, "[T]he author’s minimalist writing style uses these few pages to create a clever mystery that kept me guessing right to the end." The third, "[I]t's very short and definitely a page turner. The ending was completely unexpected but I loved it!"

Average rating of the three? 4.66 stars.

When you write a book, your friends and family buy copies and then the sales trickle away. You're left wondering if what you wrote kind of sucked. Having three experienced and objective readers say such nice things gives you courage to keep publishing.

I am doing a larger giveaway for Sin Walks Into The Desert and I'll share the reviews of that, too. In the meantime, I'm still giving 100% of the proceeds from sales of The Single Staircase to charity. You can get it on Amazon.

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