Friday, December 26, 2014

The Brown Palace in Regret Things

Even though I'm not working on ads for The Brown Palace anymore, I'm still a fan. The real-life hotel is one of the important locations in my novel Regret Things. Chapter two starts like this:
The Brown Palace on the eastern edge of downtown Denver, Colorado. Ghosts of rich people past floating down narrow hallways. A bullet hole in the bar and a bartender who knows the reason why. The Eisenhower suite kept the way Ike liked it. 
Gold filigree and live jazz in the atrium, but not even the boom boom of the standup bass vibrated its way through the doors of the five-star Palace Arms. In there, it was steaks on plates. Armor on the walls. Absolutely everybody on their third martini, listening to a woman named Nicki McJacob tell the table a story about her husband.
After Nicki finishes her story, she meets a man named Grant Derrick. And a few pages after that, everything goes bad.

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