Sunday, January 4, 2015

Courage, whiskey and whiplash: An excerpt from an interview

I was pretty uncensored in this interview with OmniMystery. For instance:
OMN: You finished Regret Things almost a year ago. What was the hold up? 
MI: Fear. Sin Walks Into The Desert was classic neo-Western noir, filled with cool characters. But Regret Things is a hard book to categorize. I expect it to be polarizing. Grant can be perceived as sexist because he objectifies every woman he sees. But he can also be perceived as anti-male because he is so powerless in the presence of the opposite sex. It’s a running joke that he never really connects with the action in the book because he keeps getting distracted by pretty girls. And while Grant’s chapters are told in straight-ahead thriller style, I unleashed the English language for Nicki’s chapters. I wanted them to feel as wild and overwhelming as Manhattan itself. That shift in tone might be exhilarating, or it might give readers whiplash. I don’t know. It took a lot of courage and a little whiskey for me to hit the publish button.
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