Monday, February 9, 2015

Sin Walks Into The Desert selected for The Thrilling Thirteen: Volume Two

Here's how The Thrilling Thirteen series works. A bunch of different writers contribute one of their best books. Readers get the whole set for $0.99.

Some buy The Thrilling Thirteen because they get six months worth of reading for pennies. Others probably flip through until they find a new writer who grips their imagination. They'll find cozy culinary mysteries, hardboiled police procedurals, even tales of paranormal suspense.

When I was asked if I'd consider including my neo-western noir Sin Walks Into the Desert in The Thrilling Thirteen: Volume Two, it took me two seconds to say yes. My book's got rave reviews from Crime Fiction Lover, Indie Reader, Kirkus Reviews and San Francisco Book Review. Yet it's sold all of 162 copies, whereas The Thrilling Thirteen volumes reach something like 50,000.

The Thrilling Thirteen: Volume Two is out now. You can get it just about anywhere you like to shop for ebooks. Amazon. Kobo. Barnes and Noble. Anywhere. Just get it. Best $0.99 you've ever spent.

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