Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Take the poll: What should I publish next?

Cover art for upcoming books. Which should I publish first?
“Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.”

I always assumed Sylvia Plath wrote those words. But even the Internet isn't sure. It's true, though. Writing isn't difficult. It's something you're just sort of compelled to do.

But rewriting, editing, publishing - that shit is hard. It takes money, dedication and time. End result being I have three (count ‘em) novellas finished. And zero energy to brush them up and get them out the door. I need to pick one and focus. So what do you want to read next?

To Guns is the third book in the Sin and Nicki series. It’s a full-tilt, neo-Western shootout, putting the two in a Mexican standoff with meth dealers and Italian assassins in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. Tonally, it's close to Sin Walks Into The Desert. While it makes sense on its own, Nicki's storyline is based on her actions in Regret Things.

The Last Child Missing is the third Owl and Raccoon novella. Like the others, it begins with the detectives showing up on the scene of a seemingly impossible kidnapping. The entire timeline takes place in one six-hour period, as they race to uncover how a five-year-old vanished from a crowded bus on the first day of school. It can stand on its own, but the climax will hit you harder if you’ve read the other two novellas, starting with The Single Staircase.

The third book is named Sever. It’s a new genre for me. The story is about a college campus that’s simultaneously set upon by four axe murderers, two of them serial killers. It’s a horror story, gory as hell. And it’s also a first-person love letter to those four magic years when you feel invincible, like you can drink and have sex and sleep late and lie in the sun and never die.

My marketing brain says there's no rush to publish any of this stuff. I have some good opportunities coming up for Regret Things, and it makes sense to ensure it gets traction before moving on to another book. But fuck it. What are you most excited about reading? Let me know in the poll at the top of my righthand sidebar.


Erin said...

I vote for The Last Child Missing :)

Erin... again said...

.... aaaaaand I just saw the actual poll to vote.

Jay R said...

To Guns. And you should get another book out for the vacationers looking for something for summer lounging.