Tuesday, July 28, 2015

List of things I like on Instagram

  • Photos taken through glass, including subway windows, amber bottles and (especially) car windshields. 
  • Belt-level shots, mostly male, must include jeans and some sort of wallet chain, key hook. Worn leather + raw denim.
  • Cityscapes! All.
  • Owls and pigeons, either taking flight or looking square at camera.
  • Women 18-22, alone in various landscapes. Emotion = melancholy and / or brokenhearted.
  • Horizon lines. Moody. Foreboding. Possibly include solitary figure on motorcycle or standing with daypack.
  • Cats, inquisitive. Urban background, alley or Dumpster mandatory. Color vs. thick grays and graffiti.
  • Stuff my friends designed / wrote / shot.

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