Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Not With A Bang featured today on The Invisible Event

Mystery blogs like The Invisible EventThe Locked Room, Brandywine Books  and Crime Fiction Lover have been so encouraging to me. Most days I feel like publishing a book is just flipping pennies into a well. And then, at last, there's a splash.

Today the former has a five-star review up of the third book in the Owl & Raccoon series, Not With A Bang:
[W]hat I particularly love about Ingwalson’s writing is how inside of those words he finds so much space for pathos, and fear, and hope, and redemption, and love, and all the other quiet things that gnaw away at us, and it makes these achingly human stories motivated by these beautifully universal themes. But — crucially — he does it without ever smacking you over the head about how Human and Universal his themes are, and throws in an excellent update of the impossible crime while doing so, keeping everything moving at a brilliant pace and slowly binding these threads tighter to each other on the way to the solution.
And the blog's writer let me publish a guest post, too:
The man’s nose had been broken and his teeth were bloody. He was looking into the cop car. And he was laughing at me. 
Why was he laughing at me? 
For a second, I couldn’t figure it out. I was on an overnight ride-along with the Denver police department. And a stabbing at a club had incited a legit riot. Hundreds of half-drunk club-goers had poured onto the street and for several minutes, our city was chaos.
Go check the whole thing out.

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