Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Introducing The Baby Monitor: A Podcast of Family Horrors

The Baby Monitor is a plot I have been playing around with for a long time. It's the tale of a couple whose son wakes up screaming. Every single night. Does he have night terrors? Is their home haunted? Or is there something even darker waiting inside their American dream?

In a way, The Baby Monitor is just a creepy story. But it has something serious to say about the way the secrets and banalities of adult life gnaw away at you.

The novella is coming out in March. But I'm publishing the entire thing as a free podcast, starting right now. This is partially because I love doing stuff. Partially out of the hope that podcast listeners will show their support by purchasing the novella. And partially for fun.

The first few episodes are on Soundcloud (here) and you can subscribe on iTunes (here) or on Stitcher (here). (Subscribing and rating is a huge help, making sure new podcasts bump to the top of the recommendation engine.)

The plan is to publish a new one every few days until the story ends. Enjoy.

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