Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stories from Regis

Regis students participate in something called service learning. They perform surgeries in Africa, work with startups in urban areas, raise awareness for burn victims, build houses in New Orleans, and generally make the world a better place. The students return to campus with astonishing photos, stories and videos.

As Regis' agency, we wanted to give potential students a window into these experiences.

Our work debuted last week with a series of posters, barricade signs and banners at Cherry Creek Mall. But the print is only the door to a richer experience. As the stories evolve, people can read posts at regis.edu/service and follow future trips at twitter.com/regisservice. Over time, we'll help build a narrative around student blogs, YouTube pages and photo streams.

Regis students are doing inspiring things. Helping them tell their stories is an honor.

UPDATE: Dave Schneider of Karsh\Hagan was the art director.

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