Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Denver's best blog is, um, what's a blog?

5280 is looking for Denver's best blogger, among other things. Who you vote for probably says a lot about your definition of the word blog.

Is Colorado Confidential a blog, or an online news organization? Is SquareState a blog or a community of online diarists? Is there a difference? How do you compare a team blog that covers an industry (like The Denver Egotist) with any one of a hundred achingly personal blogs written by artists and mommies and, hey, look out for LOLcats! How would you compare an issues blog like Coyote Gulch with a link+snark or tumblr blog? Does Twitter count as a blog? (After all, it's "a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.") Does national pull come into play, and if it does, how do you not vote for Talk Left?

The point is that all-in best blog contests are a bit like all-in best band contests. (Or, for that matter, The Denver 50.) They're only as strong as the people who judge them.

[Hat-tip to The Denver Egotist, who asks for your vote.]

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