Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saving the lives of girls

StrawberryFrog is preparing to launch Mahindra to the United States. During his time in India, StrawberryFrog founder Scott Goodson became involved with a charity dedicated to saving the lives of girls there:

In many parts of India, the arrival of a baby girl calls for mourning rather than celebration. Abandoning them at birth or marrying them off as children is a common practice. Looked upon as huge economic burdens, it is hardly surprising that many Indian families don't see the point in investing in their education...

Successful education of the girl child has been repeatedly acknowledged as an effective mechanism to break this inter generational cycle of poverty, myths, social norms and social evils. Research conducted in developing countries has shown that a literate female population is linked to reduction in population growth rates. On the other hand illiteracy, breeds ignorance and fear and only increases her vulnerability to be exposed to lifelong abuse and exploitation.

Visit the Nanhi Kali website. Consider making a donation. And at the very least join the Facebook group to show your support.

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