Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Confusion 4/23/08

Does the increasingly collective nature of modern creativity make charades like the Shave Everywhere credits inevitable? Am I suddenly sort of excited about Johannes Leonardo? Are Omnicom and Havas really posting nice profits? Did Scott Goodson just find a cooler search engine? Is Twitter on the fritz? Does the new Barabarian Group site kick ass (h/t Toad Stool)?

The answer to that last one is, "Yes." The rest are just questions buzzing through my head that I'm too busy to answer right now.

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Dennis said...

1) Shave everywhere = inevitable and rapant.
2) Yes.
3) Omnicom up 10 or so perecnt since 2007.
First quarter looking good...

For both, Havas & Omnicom, it's going to be a long year. Big ups on the 1st Q are a good step. What effect do you think the election is going to have on ad profits in 2009? and what percentage do you think are effected by the campaigns? (asking since we know you're a political enthusiast too!)

4) Scott's on to something. Search and relativity are definitely ideas to watch as the shotgun of Cable/TV starts to give way to informational surgical strikes due to audiences being able to self select.

Here's some other versions to gander:

For those who like their search education in video format:

5) Twitter YMMV.

6) Barbarian +1