Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TD50 column at AdWeek

A couple months ago Steve Conroy asked me to pen an op-ed about the Denver 50 that he could pitch to AdWeek. I did. Time passed. I forgot about the whole thing. Then last Thursday, I got a call from Libby Estell informing me that AdWeek was going to run my piece online:

But while agencies try to move forward, awards shows seem stuck. Particularly at the local level, they tend to reward executions and vendors, instead of breakthrough ideas.

When we launched the new Denver Ad Club in 2006, we decided that we could make a powerful statement by reinventing the awards show.

The rest is at

UPDATE: Pure, Andy and the Egotist give link love. (Thanks, guys.) And I just heard Amatucci's cover photos for the 2007 show book won a Gold National ADDY.


Anonymous said...

So are you going to enter the Denver 50 idea into the Denver 50?


Anonymous said...

Also, you should read on AdAge about BBDO scooping up Grand Prix for their awesome HBO effort. Talks about how the lines are blurred "and in the future, we won't need individual entries."