Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New work for the Kappa Alpha Order: Brasstacks

Kappa Alpha Order is a nationwide collegiate organization that wants to be known for its commitment to chivalric ideals. At Karsh\Hagan, we created the position, "The moral compass for the modern gentleman." And then we set out to prove it by developing a movement to inspire gentlemanly behavior at college.

The hub of the experience was a 54-page book named Brasstacks, which was given to freshmen men on 50 campuses. It aimed to give readers "the tools to enjoy freshman year. Without becoming a jerk." Mobile phone users received text messages that helped them excel in their studies and social life. At Brasstacks101.com, students signed up for encouraging emails and downloaded Brasstacks art and t-shirt designs. Karsh\Hagan also distributed posters, stickers, bookmarks, coupons and other materials.

We took on KA because we were offered the chance to make a difference in the lives of young men, right at a point when they face a dizzying array of temptations. We'd never seen it done before, so we wanted to do it. We also got a chance to improve our mobile marketing, work in the media arts, and tap some great illustrators.

I'm so proud of the work I just want to burst. Thanks to Karsh\Hagan and KA for letting me do it.

Chief Creative Officer: John Meyer
Copywriter: Matt Ingwalson
Art Director: Dennis Wakabayashi
Interactive Director: Peter Yesawich
Interactive Designer: Kerry Healy
Poster and T-shirt Designers: Kerry Healy, Tom Duane and Camille King
Illustrators: Josh Holland and Jeramiah Clark
Studio: Matt Nasi
Account Management: Vanessa Louis and Jen Racioppi

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