Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My week without a browser that became three weeks without a browser finally yields an insight

My ongoing experiment finally turned up a useful observation. My goal was to use only my Blackberry, email app, and RSS reader to access online content. I assumed the experience would teach me something about mobile marketing. But while I did feel an increased a connection to brands that offered mobile sites, like Google and 9NEWS, the most interesting change was the way I managed my life. My desktop email and calendar applications became meaningless when I could manage those functions in real time from my mobile device. So by purposefully eliminating Firefox, I accidentally eliminated Entourage. I'm not sure if it's fair to extrapolate my experience to the general population, but think about this: If more people start using their mobile device as their primary means of retrieving email, email marketing that contains lots of links, offers and products will become pretty annoying. Short emails with a simple coupon for one targeted offer would be a whole lot better.

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