Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week Without a Browser write-up on the Karsh blog

On Karsh\Hagan Connect, I write about my week without a browser:

Blame it on the Karsh\Hagan creative brief. It continually reminds me that people today lack patience. When they want information, entertainment and products, they want them now.

In 2009, half of all new connections to the internet will come from a phone. Karsh\Hagan has launched mobile podcasting for one client. And a mobile advertising campaign for another. But to fully understand the possibilities and pitfalls of the location-based, hip-pocket media of the future, I wanted to immerse myself in it. So I deleted my browsers and pledged that for at least a week, I’d access the web entirely through my email application, RSS reader, and mobile device.

Read it all here. There are guest appearances by Kenneth Branagh and the Karsh\Hagan accounting department.

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