Friday, January 28, 2011

The hardest job in advertising

"The hardest job in advertising isn't creating the work. It's buying it." I think Mark Fenske said that, although I wouldn't bet my life on it. And it's true. A marketing director has hopes and dreams for a brand. It can be hard to learn to love an agency's interpretation of those dreams.

That being said, we want to thank our clients at American Crew and Pinnacol Assurance for letting us do work audacious enough to be recognized by the New Denver Ad Club at the show last night. The 50 awards the 50 biggest, brashest, most game-changing ideas to come out of the market. We came up with four of them, including the American Crew 100 Honest Answers campaign, the American Crew Hair Color campaign, the American Crew invertible stylebook, and the Pinnacol Assurance Good Makes Good campaign.

If being a marketing director is the hardest job in advertising, surely hosting an award show is close behind. We appreciate Jeff and all the volunteers for giving their time and energy to the event.

Matt Ingwalson

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