Sunday, November 9, 2014

A judge in the 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards on Sin Walks Into The Desert

I entered Sin Walks Into The Desert in the 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Winners won't be notified until December 31. But each entry comes with written commentary and advice from a judge. Here is a portion of what mine had to say, good and bad:
"What we have here is a hardboiled detective novel without the theatrics, stripped bare to the bones with prose that is tight and taut, that causes as much damage as a loaded gun. It's a thrilling ride and the story not only grips the reader because of the expressive characters, like Sin himself, but because of the way the phrases turn and return like a stacked deck of cards. The story bounces around in time a little bit and while this makes sense, overall I'd suggest that these transitions be played up a bit, prepared for in a way."
There's more to it, but that's the gist. I have no idea what this means for the awards, but I'm honored to be considered. And taken with the reviews from,, Kirkus Reviews and San Francisco Book Review, well, I guess I'm pretty convinced my book doesn't suck.

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