Sunday, November 9, 2014

My friends and family hate my books

At first I shared just about every piece of news I had about any of my books. New review? Facebook that! Favorable news about sales? Tweet it! Guest blogging? Reblog, baby!

It worked like clockwork works. Tweets led to sales. My friends and family gave me virtual high fives. And a few even became fans, which makes me happier than I can describe.

But I've hit a point of diminishing returns. And if the previous three glowing reviews of Sin Walks Into The Desert didn't convince my social circles to check it out, the next three ain't going to either. I'm afraid I'm pissing my friends off by flogging my novels 24/7.

So I'm going to stop. Instead, I've started an email list. You'll find it the righthand column of this site. Opt in, I'll spam you. But only very occasionally, when I have a new book, a special offer, or real news to talk about. You can also favorite me on Amazon or fan me on Goodreads.

Thanks for the support! 

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