Friday, April 24, 2015

Pandora: Unique Connection

[Ed. - This is an unedited email I sent to IMM's senior producer, Gary, who'd emailed me the Pandora spot seen below.]

This is amazing. And here’s what I really love about it. The target audience is men. “Celebrate the woman in your heart."

Too often, when we see those words, we jump to scripts about “booze,” “humor,” “get the shopping out of the way so you can go play golf with the bros.”

The “dads are dumb” thing is such a common prejudice that it actually makes news when a brand treats the father/family connection with anything but an eye-roll. Still, the best dads usually get from Madison Avenue are campaigns like Cheerio’s How To Dad and Dove’s #RealStrength, which smack you with the strategy. (To great effect: I literally have never been able to watch the #RealStrength ad all the way through. Link here.)

Grey NY had the courage to realize modern dads are just as emotionally invested in their families as moms are. And the subtlety not to beat me over the head with it. Just awesome.


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