Monday, April 10, 2017

What are you thinking: A self-publishing conversation with Colorado Collective

Thanks to Colorado Collective for inviting me over to talk about self-publishing. Here's some highlights from the discussion, with supporting links:

“Almost 3,000 books are published on Amazon per day. Not per year. Per day. The odds of you selling more than 100 copies are low.” Some sad, sad facts found here.

“A lot of people making money self-publishing don’t proofread or make any serious attempt to write their own books. They steal outlines, outsource the writing, and publish as frequently as possible.” Read about it on The Hustle.

“The best way to get people to buy your book is to make sure the cover design blends in with other books in the genre.” Read about it on my blog.

“I publish print via CreateSpace mostly for vanity. More than 95% of my sales come on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited. If you are 100% dedicated, you can also publish on Barnes and Noble, but if you do Amazon will yank promotional opportunities like giveaways and countdown deals.” Createspace is here. And KDP is here.

“I have run pay-per-click ads on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google and Goodreads. All of them clicked, but few converted. The best paid placements are on promotional book lists.” Bookbub, Booksends. FKB&T.

“If you don’t have money, you can try hanging out on social networks, discussing your genre with fans. This helps ensure the people who buy your book also buy others in the same genre, which will help Amazon’s algorithm create lookalike modeling.” Reddit. And my profile on Goodreads.

“Awards are great for vanity and validation, but have yet to make me any money.” Read about it on my blog.

“The best way to make money is to write several novels in a series, publish them in close succession, and then give the first one away. Make sure your book descriptions make ample use of genre-specific keywords.” An example of how I do this on Amazon.

“Giveaways are good for awareness, but the way Goodreads advises you run them is bullshit.” Read the stats on my blog.

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