Monday, December 7, 2015

Sin Walks Into The Desert wins Best Indie Book award

A few months ago, I entered Sin Walks Into The Desert in Shelf Unbound's 2015 indie publishing competition.

One thing I've learned from advertising award shows is it's best not to fantasize what you might win. Enter your stuff. And then forget about it. Let the chips fall where they may.

A couple weeks ago I got an email from the magazine. Sin won the whole thing, beating out about a thousand entries for the title of Best Indie Book.

Holy shit.

The magazine's publisher wrote, "Our overall winner this year is Sin Walks Into The Desert by Matt Ingwalson, whose inventive modern Western noir style thrilled our judges."

I want to hug them.

There is a good-size interview with me in this month's issue. The questions were really insightful, and I tried to be as honest and raw as possible with my answers. For instance:
In addition to Sin Walks into the Desert and its prequel Regret Things, you’ve written a series of police procedurals. What interests you about crime?
David Byrne once said singing is a trick to get people to spend more time with music. And I think that’s part of it. The crime genre is a trick to get people to spend more time with characters, more time in uncomfortable situations. But part of it is that genre fiction is just cool. The real world is artificial and stupid. I’ve seen enough genuine tragedy that trumped-up literary drama makes me want to go around punching people. I write crime, noir and horror because they’re fucking cool. Sue me.
Please go read the whole interview on your tablet via the Issuu app, or on your desktop by clicking here. And congrats to all the finalists, as well. Some great authors I can't wait to check out.

Want to read Sin Walks Into The Desert yourself? Click here to get it on Amazon.

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