Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week without a browser extended due to id10t error

When I decided to try to live for a week without a desktop browser, I expected a learning curve. What sites could I access with my mobile device? What blogs could I follow through my RSS reader? But I didn't anticipate the learning curve that came with the device itself. It took me a couple days to realize my secondhand Blackberry didn't come with a media card. And they don't make it easy for Mac users to update their system software. So I am extending the experience for another week. Maybe by next Friday I'll have something interesting to say about the mobile web. Or not.


Inorganik_1 said...

So I'm curious, how did your experiment turn out? Is mobile the future?

300 Spartans Gym said...

Inorganik_1 thanks for checking in. I am still playing with the concept. But I have a post with one interesting tidbit that'll publish tonight. Stay tuned.