Saturday, February 15, 2014

More about Miami Vice

In 2010, I wrote a post that tried to explain my obsession with the 2006 movie version of Miami Vice. I recently found this post in AV Club which explains it even better:
The movie opens and ends seemingly mid-scene; there is no set-up and no sense of resolution. The tone is doomy; writer-director Michael Mann—who executive-produced the TV series—refashions leads Tubbs and Crockett (Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell) into weary professionals. The world they inhabit is murky and fatalistic; everything matters only insofar as it continues the flow of information (for the police) or the flow of cash (for the criminals). It’s a movie about drug dealers that features no drugs and a movie about cops that features no arrests. Its characters exist within an endless cycle of informants and moles, takedowns and retributions, seizures and countermeasures.
The whole thing is worth a read. Although I have to take issue with the word "refashions." The TV version of Miami Vice may be remembered for white pants and celebrity guest stars, but Crockett was a cynical SOB even then.

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